What to Do Instead of Shopping on Black Friday

It’s quite common to spend the day after Thanksgiving taking part in a shopping frenzy. If you’re tired of getting up early to fight the crowds and would rather avoid the stress of bargain hunting, try any of the following activities.


The Thanksgiving holiday is about being thankful for what you have in your life. An easy way to spread happiness after the feast is over is to volunteer in your community. Choose a cause you are passionate about and do some research to see what you can do to help out. Whether it’s a local animal shelter, a food bank or a senior center, your generosity will be much appreciated by many.

Spend time with loved ones

If you don’t get to see your family that much throughout the year, the holidays are a great opportunity to catch up and spend some quality time in each other’s company. While many families are splitting up at the local mall to find the best deals, get your family together for a board game day or make some creative crafts instead.

Make cards for deployed military

Not all families can be together during the holidays. To honor our active duty military members and their families, get your craft supplies out and make some greeting cards to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Operation Gratitude, the Red Cross and A Million Thanks are just a few organizations that welcome donated cards.

Clean out your closet

For a great way to combine helping yourself and helping others, donate clothing and additional items you don’t need to your local Goodwill and similar organizations. Take some time to clean your closet to rid it of unneeded items, then toss them in a bag and take them to a donation center. It’s best to donate the items immediately, as many people can relate to being forgetful and having bags in the trunk of their car for months.

Appreciate the outdoors

Burn some calories while enjoying the fresh air and autumnal foliage this Black Friday. Hike a new trail with family or friends, or try your luck at geocaching. Bring a quality camera to document your adventure and make a photo album afterward. You might even capture the perfect shot for your family’s next holiday greeting card!

Make a time capsule

If you want to preserve some incredible memories from the past year, consider creating a time capsule to store those precious items. Newspaper clippings, funny stories and photos are great places to start if you’re unsure what to include. You’ll want to be sure you use a weather-proof box if you plan on burying the capsule in your backyard to ensure nothing gets ruined over time.

Instead of stressing out about finding the best deals at 4 a.m., try any of these activities to truly enjoy the holiday weekend.


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