Upgrading Your Backyard With Help From Colonial

If you are wanting to upgrade your backyard, you might be a bit hesitant about where to begin. Trust me, you aren’t alone. There is nothing worse than beginning a home project only to realize you don’t have the time or the willpower to finish. With that in mind, we put together some tips to update your outdoor living space without getting over your head.

Do Your Research

Before jumping in head first, it’s important to make a plan by researching the project you have in mind. This will allow you to get an idea of how much labor is involved, an estimated cost and can give you ideas you may not have considered.

Multiple Estimates

If you are using a contractor or landscaping company to complete the work, it’s important to get multiple estimates to find the price that fits your budget. Estimates can vary greatly from company to company, and this will also allow you to ask questions and receive proof of other jobs completed by the company.

Stick to Your Budget

This one can be a tough one for many of us, but it’s an important one. You made a budget for a reason, so it’s in your best interest to stick to it as closely as possible. Research and multiple estimates will help, but it also takes some willpower. If you find yourself going over budget, ask yourself how much you need that extra feature or if there is a more affordable option available.

Start Slow

It’s important to remember, you don’t have to do it all at once. It’s okay to make upgrades a little bit at a time and make improvements over time. You can begin with adding mulch and sprucing up the flower beds before you decide to tackle those bigger projects. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Take Advantage of the Equity in Your Home

If you are planning on adding a pool, backyard kitchen or other costlier upgrades to your backyard, a cash-out refinance may be exactly what you are looking for to avoid depleting your savings. With a cash-out refinance, you can use the equity you have built-up in your home to use as you wish. Applying is simple, just visit my website and click the “Apply Now” button and fill out an application in as little as 15-minutes. I will then go over your options with you to see if refinancing your mortgage makes sense for you.

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