Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

The idea of cleaning out your garage can feel intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’re looking at out-of-control dirt and clutter. It’s worth the effort, though. Taking it one step at a time, you can turn your garage into a well-organized area where you can store and find the items you need, regain space to exercise or work on projects, and park your vehicle with room to spare.

Planning comes first

Before you start cleaning, recommends coming up with a plan for what to do and setting overall goals for your garage. It’s important to think about how you use the space now and how you want to use it in the future. Whether your garage is a place for work, hobbies, storage, parking, or all of the above, is it organized in a way that allows you to maximize the space you have? Now is your chance to come up with an organization scheme that makes sense for your needs and lifestyle.

Even if you don’t want to take on a major reorganization, it’s still a good idea to plan ahead by making a list of all the cleaning steps you need to complete. You’ll also want to gather tools; cleaning materials; boxes and trash bags; bins, shelving, hooks, and other organizers; and anything else that will help you do the job thoroughly and effectively.

Clear it out

Does your garage need a comprehensive cleaning? Removing everything from it might be the most effective approach. Once all your garage’s contents are sitting out on the driveway or in the yard, you can go through them and decide what to keep, what to store elsewhere, what to sell or give away, and what to recycle or toss in the trash. At this point, you’ll also want to organize the items you want to keep into groups — for example, tools, gardening and yard supplies, sports gear, and toys. If you’re tackling this project over multiple days or weekends, divide your garage into multiple sections and clear them out one at a time.

Clean it up

Once your garage (or a section of it) is empty, you’ll find it much easier to do a thorough cleaning. According to Budget Dumpster’s garage cleaning guide, it’s best to move from top to bottom. Clear cobwebs from the ceiling, dust cabinets and shelves, and wipe down walls and doors. Then, sweep the floor, mop it, and, if necessary, treat it with degreaser or a power washer. Now is also your opportunity to apply a fresh coat of paint, seal cracks in the floor, install new light bulbs, and take care of any other maintenance you’ve been putting off.

Get organized

Organization is a key part of the garage-cleaning process. The possibilities are endless, with options for every lifestyle and budget. Bins, shelves, and cabinets are popular, but don’t overlook wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted hooks and racks that can help you make the most of limited space. Whatever approach you choose, hanging, stacking, shelving, and stashing your things in a logical way will help you find what you need when you need it. It will also provide you with a system for storing new items so they don’t pile up, turn into clutter, and leave you facing another major cleanup in a few years’ time.

If your garage is past due for a comprehensive cleaning, there’s no better time than the present to get started. Equipped with these tips, you can turn your garage into a practical, well-organized space that reduces your stress and makes your life more convenient.

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