The Importance of Regular Skin Checkups

Regular checkups with your dermatologist can be easily overlooked or forgotten. However, experts interviewed by Shape Magazine recommend making it a point to visit your dermatologist at least once a year. It’s a habit that will help keep your skin healthy and allow you to promptly address any problems that might arise.

Painful skin conditions

If your skin is itchy and flaky, you might be inclined to write this irritation off as a seasonal or temporary problem. However, Self points out that you may be suffering from a chronic skin condition known as eczema. If you’re making regular skin checkups a priority, your dermatologist will be in a position to diagnose this condition for you and prescribe the most effective treatment.

Another common chronic condition that your dermatologist can diagnose and treat is psoriasis, which is caused by an autoimmune disorder and is characterized by patches of skin that are itchy, scaly and red.


With so many over-the-counter products available, regular visits to the dermatologist to treat acne might not seem necessary. However, if those products aren’t having the desired effect, your dermatologist is an excellent resource. They can suggest other strategies and prescribe other products or treatments that you might not have considered.

Regular skin checkups are also a good way to deal with those big inflamed bumps known as cystic acne. According to Self, this type of acne is more difficult to treat. If you are plagued with these painful red blemishes, consulting with your dermatologist is often the most effective course of action.

Hair and scalp issues

When you visit your dermatologist for regular skin checkups, they can also help you address issues with your hair and scalp. If you’re dealing with dandruff, a dermatologist can help you deal with the buildup of dead skin cells on your scalp. If your hair is falling out, Prevention points out that visiting a dermatologist can help prevent further loss of hair follicles.

Aging skin

As you get older, your skin can quickly display signs of aging. These include lines and wrinkles, sagging, blotches and age spots and a roughened or leathery texture. Although aging is unavoidable, good skin care can help counteract some symptoms of it. With regular skin checkups, your dermatologist can help you identify all the ways that age is affecting your skin and work with you to develop a plan that will keep your skin healthy and younger looking.

Skin care options

Even if your skin is perfectly healthy, regular visits to your dermatologist can help keep it that way. Your doctor can recommend a skin care regimen that’s right for you, along with diet, exercise and other lifestyle options to ensure that your skin stays healthy and glowing.

With regular dermatologist visits, you’ll also be better equipped to navigate the often-confusing world of skin care products. The market is flooded with them, and your dermatologist is equipped to help you see through the hype and choose products that best suit your needs and your skin type.

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition, dealing with signs of aging or seeking advice on the best ways to care for your skin, regular checkups with your dermatologist are an important way to improve and maintain the health of your skin.

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