The Benefits of Battery-Powered Lawn Tools

From cutting grass and whacking weeds to blowing leaves and trimming hedges, keeping your lawn looking its best can take up a lot of time and effort. To make all these chores easier, it’s essential to choose the right tools for the job. As you shop for lawn appliances, be sure to consider battery power — today’s best electric options are often more affordable, friendlier to use, and better for the environment than their gas-powered equivalents.


Less noise


One of the first things you’ll notice about battery-powered lawn tools is how much quieter they are than gas-powered ones. This is especially helpful if you live in a heavily populated area — or if you want to do yard work earlier in the day without disturbing your neighbors. Quieter lawn tools will be easier on your ears, too.


Easier to lift and use


Battery-powered lawn tools are typically lighter than gas equipment, making them easier to lift and use — especially when you need to put in multiple hours of yard work. Handheld tools like leaf blowers and weed trimmers benefit the most when combustion-engine weight is eliminated, but an article for The Almanac notes that modern lithium-ion batteries have made electric mowers lighter and more easily maneuverable as well. Battery power also means that electric yard appliances don’t need to be plugged in anymore, removing yet another hassle.


More affordable over time


Over time, battery-powered lawn equipment will often cost you less than gas tools. Even if a battery-powered tool has a slightly more expensive sticker price, you won’t need to purchase gas for it. You’ll also save money on maintenance. The Almanac points out that gas tools typically have many more parts to keep up, like oil filters and spark plugs. Electric tools still have blades to sharpen and trimmer string to refill, but other than that, your main concerns will be caring for the battery and potentially replacing it after a few years. And speaking of replacements, a Consumer Reports study has found that battery-powered tools typically last longer and offer better reliability, so you’ll be able to save money by keeping and using them for more years.


Better for the environment


Battery-powered lawn tools are much better for the environment than similar gas appliances. According to Consumer Reports, they put out zero emissions, operate using less energy, and eliminate the risk of contamination from spilled gas. And even though recharging a battery does leave a carbon footprint, it’s a significantly smaller one. In comparison, some tools with gas engines emit as much pollution as a car — or more.


What are the advantages of gas power?


Despite the many advantages of battery-powered lawn tools, there are still some situations where gas equipment is the better choice. According to The Almanac, if you have an especially large lawn, electric tools might not have enough of a charge to last for hours of work. And while electric appliances have more than enough power for everyday applications, heavy-duty tasks might require the extra power a gas tool can provide.

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