Stay Proactive on your Summer Holiday

Summer is in full-swing, and that means we’re in the height of vacation season. It’s the perfect time to get away from our daily routines to soak up the sun on the beach, enjoy an exotic European getaway or load up the whole family for a cross-country road trip. While a summer trip is the perfect time to get some much needed downtime, travelers can run into unexpected problems while vacationing. Whether you’re traveling in your home state, around the U.S. or abroad, it’s best to follow the old adage, “better safe than sorry.” We’ve put together a few tips to avoid some of the potential problems one may face while traveling, including avoiding fraud and keeping your home safe while you’re out of town.

Before You Go

travel concept,  Preparation for travel,Nothing ruins a wonderful vacation like coming home to realize your house has been burglarized. The thought of coming home and realizing some of your most prized possessions have been stolen is a scary thing. To best protect your home and those important family heirlooms, there are a number of simple things you can do before you hit the road.

  1. Avoid sharing your travel plans on social media. This might seem a bit paranoid, but hear us out. When you post your travel plans on social media, what you are really saying is, “hey everyone, my home will be empty for days at a time.” You wouldn’t go around town telling people that you won’t be home, so why announce it on social media? Although, privacy settings have been improved on social sites like Facebook, hopefully you’ll think twice before sharing. It’s best to wait until you arrive home to post those pics of the delicious dinner you’ll never forget, or your rockin’ beach body!
  2. Ask a neighbor or someone you trust to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. For those who still receive the newspaper regularly, you’ll want to have a neighbor pick up your morning paper for you. Nothing says, “nobody’s home,” like a bunch of newspapers slung about the driveway. A trusted neighbor can collect your newspapers, check your mail, or gather any other materials like door hangers that might tip-off potential thieves that the house may be empty. Your neighbor will also be able to identify any suspicious activity that is going on around your home.
  3. Have a backup copy of your travel documents. Losing your travel documents can bring your vacation to a screeching halt, so it’s always best to have a backup plan. Save an additional copy of these documents and keep them separate from the originals. Also, take advantage of the many new advances in technology. If possible, go paperless with your documents, or have your receipts saved in your email for easy access.

While on Vacation

  1. Lock your valuables away in the hotel safe. The majority of hotels are equipped with access to a safe. If you’re anything like the traditional jetsetter, the hotel room is where you want to spend the least amount of time. Other than sleeping and getting ready, you’d rather be exploring what the resort or city has to offer. That means traveling light, without having to worry about your valuables back in the room. Laptops, tablets, extra cash, jewelry and other more costly items can be kept in the safe. To avoid forgetting valuable items when you check out of the hotel, keep something in the safe that you know you won’t forget, like your phone charger or the shoes you plan on wearing on the plane.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and be cautious of scammers. When traveling, vacationers often have our heads in the clouds, or are taking in the sights and sounds of new places and spending quality time with our loved ones. It’s easy to become distracted and caught up in the moment. If you’re vacationing across the pond, pickpocketing is something you should be aware of. It’s best practice to keep your cash and credit cards in a secure place on your person. Consider utilizing a money belt or a backpack to store your passport, wallet and other valuables.

Stay Connected Anywhere you Travel

Track your spending with the Colonial Mobile Banking App. It’s always important to keep track of your finances while on vacation. But when you’re out and about, you don’t want to be slowed down. The mobile app has a number of convenient features that will keep you up-to-date on your finances, 24-7. So, while you’re relaxing on the beach or enjoying some of the local eats, all of your banking amenities are available at your fingertips. You have access to the following:

  • View account balances
  • View your transaction history and account activity
  • Transfer funds between Colonial accounts
  • Receive balance and other alerts via text message
  • Pay Bills

A summer vacation can create memories that will last a lifetime. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from being victims of fraud and other financial complications is must while traveling. Make the most out of your trip and keep your home and financial information safe from potential thieves. We also recommend giving us a heads-up before traveling to a new city to avoid your accounts being flagged.

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