Spring Cleaning Tips with Colonial

During these unprecedented times surrounding coronavirus, or COVID-19, it’s important to stay as proactive as possible to ensure a healthy lifestyle. While being at home can be difficult, there is an opportunity to try and see the glass as half-full. Below we have some ideas to stay busy around the house while getting a head start on getting your home ready for spring.

Clean Out the Flower Beds

It’s that time of year again where grass and weeds are likely beginning to become an unwelcome sight in your flower beds or garden. With a little elbow grease, you can stop them in their tracks. It’s also something the whole family can help with, even smaller children, so put on an old pair of jeans and that faded band t-shirt and get out there. You’ll be done faster than you think.

Clean the Baseboards

One of the less exciting things you can work on during this time is cleaning the baseboards around your home. They are often over-looked when it comes to cleaning, but if you look at them closely, chances are they could use a good scrubbing. To break up the monotony and potential strain on your back, attempt to tackle one room at a time.

Store Your Winter Clothing

Say goodbye to heavy coats, scarfs and other winter essentials and break out shorts and other clothing meant for the warmer weather. A pro-tip when it comes to clothing storage is to use plastic boxes that can be stacked on shelves in your closet or garage, leaving you more room on in your closet until the fall months arrive.

Clean the Windows

Time to let the sunshine in! Another project you can tackle is cleaning your windows, inside and out. Depending on the size of your home, this may be a project that is better done over a long weekend. It’s also important to keep the safety of yourself and others top of mind. If a ladder is required, make sure you are using all recommended safety precautions necessary.

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