Signs Your Salesperson Isn’t a Good Fit

A solid sales team is a crucial component of any successful business. Here are eight sure-fire signs that you might need to cut ties with someone who just doesn’t belong in sales.

They lack personal drive

According to HubSpot’s Adam Honig, a lack of urgency is a red flag that an employee isn’t cut out for sales. The ideal salesperson should be eager to close each deal. When they’re not closing deals, they will focus on making new leads and filtering through their current ones for new business opportunities.

They take rejections too personally

Sales is filled with frequent rejections and “no” responses. If a staff member takes a no too personally and lets it slow down their momentum to land a yes, it might be time to part ways with them. Per Honig, a good sales rep keeps up their confidence and moves on to the next opportunity when someone rejects a product or service. width=

They don’t finalize deals with clients

Similar to the lack of urgency problem mentioned above, another sign of a bad sales rep is that they fail to “make the ask,” as Honig articulates. In other words, they make a habit of not asking buyers if they have a deal. Good sales reps, by contrast, are fearless and won’t be afraid to ask a client to confirm that they’ve agreed to a deal.

Multiple customers have complained

While it’s common to have a stray complaint here or there about a salesperson, multiple complaints are reason for concern, as blogger Zac Johnson shares with All Business. If an employee has received a plethora of negative comments from clients, they might need to pursue a different career path.

You dispute their earnings

Another tell-tale sign of a bad sales rep is that you dispute their commissions. As Diego Orjuela with Cables and Sensors put it, “If you are disputing their earnings, it is a sign that the salesperson is not worth the money.”

They are content with quotas

An employee with poor sales skills is content with quotas and doing the bare minimum to earn a commission. A good sales rep, however, goes the extra mile. They will establish and achieve personal goals that surpass the expectations of their manager and the company, as’s Mario Feghali articulates.

They are resistant to feedback and instruction

If a rep takes feedback too personally or doesn’t apply any constructive criticism you’ve provided, they might not be meant for a sales career. Per Feghali, another warning sign is that they show no desire to increase their skills and continue to learn more about how to ace their role.

They don’t focus on the right buyer

A great sales rep is able to quickly identify which buyers are ready to make a decision on a product or service before making a full pitch to them. A bad one will lack this skill and end up wasting time by making full pitches to anyone who will listen, as Feghali shares.

If one of your sales reps shows some of these red flags, it might be time to consider a staffing change.

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