Prepping Your Home for Summer

Summer is in session! While this year definitely feels a little (who are we kidding, a lot) different, it’s important to get your home ready for the hot months ahead. So while you may not be attending as many backyard barbeques or enjoying afternoon baseball at the moment, here are some ways to prepare your home for summer.

Keep the Bugs at Bay

Warm weather means more bugs. While they may vary depending on what part of the country you reside, we can all agree that they belong outside. It’s not essential that you hire a pest control expert to do your bidding, most home improvement store will have a wide selection of safe pesticides you can use indoors or out.

Keep it Cool

There aren’t a whole lot of things worse than your AC unit breaking down in the dead of summer. Before that happens, it’s a good idea to schedule an “AC Checkup” with a local specialist. Checkups average about $50 – $60 and can save you potentially lots of money and headaches in the long run.

Keep the Cool Inside

Keep that glorious cool air inside your home where it belongs. Check your window and door seals and weather stripping for any damage and replace where needed. This will give your AC unit and your wallet a break throughout the summer months.

Keep it Trimmed

The grass is growing, flowers are blooming and before you know it, your hedges are in need of a trim. Roll up your sleeves and start chopping. You will be really pleased with how much curb appeal a well-manicured garden brings to your home.

With these tips, a little elbow grease and only a few bucks, your home will be all set for summer. When you’re done, kick back and relax with some iced tea or your favorite cocktail, you’ll have earned it!

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