Money Management Tools for Small Businesses

Dashboard and cloud-based tools to help you handle your small business finances

Entrepreneurs typically make their way into the small business world because they thrive on the thrill of doing it all. That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t the first to take advantage of new tools that make doing business easier. The following money management tools can help you streamline your small business finances, so you have more time for your other business duties, and maybe even a little time for relaxing.

inDinero recommends inDinero as an excellent tool for measuring the success of your small business. It does all of the work of tracking your accounts for you, by pulling in your transaction history from your credit cards, bank accounts and other financial accounts.

InDinero organizes this information and then sorts the transactions into categories that help you track your spending, such as dining, advertising and payroll. This information is also organized into convenient accounting reports.


You’re probably familiar with Intuit, the company that makes the QuickBooks accounting software. BodeTree has partnered with Intuit in order to offer a dashboard tool that analyzes the finances of business owners who utilize QuickBooks. This tool was named after the mythical Bodhi Tree that Buddha meditated underneath to reach enlightenment.

“The idea is to enlighten you and bring some Zen into the complicated world of finance,” states Catherine Clifford from “Following this theme, your BodeTree dashboard will show you a ‘business enlightenment score’ which gives you a summary benchmark reading on the overall health of your business according to the BodeTree algorithms.”

This tool isn’t just for new-age types. It offers serious information about the financial success of your business, such as the breakdown of your expenses. It also analyzes how your business compares to its competitors and makes projections about future finances.

One of the most exciting features of this tool is the fact that it offers a real-time estimate of your business’s worth, so you can track its fluctuations in the same way that publicly traded companies watch the value of their stocks.


Corelytics is an award-winning dashboard program that works together with your accounting software. Unlike BodeTree, Corelytics is able to track financial information for business owners who use a variety of accounting software programs, including, but not limited to QuickBooks. Other supported software includes MYOB, Sage Peachtree and more. Like other dashboard tools, Corelytics allows you to compare your business’s financial progress to your competitors.

After your finances are imported, Corelytics displays metrics like expenses, profits, revenue, owner compensation, receivables and gross margin. You can set goals for any of these metrics and then the dashboard tracks your progress toward your goals. You can tell how quickly you’re reaching your goals because the metrics will be colored red if you’re behind schedule, yellow if you’re on pace or green if you’re ahead of schedule.


Xero is an award-winning software tool that impresses users with its simplicity and intuitiveness. Instead of financial jargon, the dashboard shows how your business is doing with the simple metrics of “Money coming in” and “Money going out.”

Although it is simple, it offers powerful tools to business owners. It gives entrepreneurs the ability to create detailed financial reports and to view statistics about their accounts. Furthermore, because Xero works on the cloud, it doesn’t suffer from the pitfalls of traditional accounting software, such as expensive installation and complicated data transfer.

There are many benefits to cloud-based tools like these.

“They are accessible anywhere and their open API ensures that they are not only able to interface with applications from within their organizations but, also, with the larger Internet ecosystem,” describes Christophe Primault from Fox Small Business Center.

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