Laugh Your Way to Better Productivity

Many companies have recognized that a happy workforce can have a substantial impact on business profits and success.Business owners today are looking for creative ways to increase employee satisfaction and decrease turnover. Some companies are actually having fun with it – literally – by seeking ways to bring fun and laughter into the workplace. Many companies have recognized that a happy workforce can have a substantial impact on business profits and success. Studies indicate that laughter at work can enhance creativity, increase productivity, build teamwork, make employees mentally and physically healthier, and relieve stress. When employees are happy, it’s contagious; their customers and fellow employees will be happier just being around them.

So, short of bringing in the clowns, how can you bring fun into your workplace without losing your professionalism? Here are some ideas:

  • Celebrate good times. One of the best ways to create a happy workplace is to host activities that bring people together. Consider celebrating employee birthdays, marriages or other milestones. It’s a great idea to celebrate workplace accomplishments too, such as promotions.
  • Bring some comedy into the workplace. After a company lunch, rent a funny movie and invite employees to watch it. You could even have an employee talent show. You never know – there could be a budding comedian in the cubicle next to you.
  • Create a bulletin board just for humorous article and cartoons. Encourage employees to put up funny cartoons and tasteful jokes, and to stop by the board often. Give out awards for the most creative contributions. Also, invite employees to bring in childhood pictures, and award prizes to the person who recognizes the most employees from baby pictures.
  • Play games. To encourage team building, consider playing fun games, such as charades or Pictionary. Create teams and tournaments, and celebrate winners. Have games and puzzles available in the break room so employees can truly take a break.
  • Celebrate holidays. Establish traditions to mark the seasons or the annual holidays. Have a costume contest for Halloween, or have a Fourth of July barbecue.
  • Give time off for good work behavior. If an employee has been working exceptionally hard, offer them movie or comedy show tickets, or tickets to a sporting event.

There are any number of ways to bring fun into the workplace. Invite your employees to participate in planning activities with surveys and consider creating a Morale Committee. You’ll discover that a little fun can have a great impact on employee productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line.


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