Is Your House Ready for Winter?

Is your home ready for winter? For all the warm state residents, it’s hard to believe it will soon be below freezing on a consistent basis. For people who are used to the cold weather, you are probably already ready for the winter months. Needless to say, here are seven tips to get your home ready to brave the cold and keep you warm.

    1. Check your heating system.  Most electricity providers provide free or low cost seasonal checkups and tune ups to your heating and air conditioning systems. Services normally include vacuuming the vents and other parts of your heating system and changing the filter, if necessary, in a furnace. Take advantage of this to catch a problem early on and avoid more costly repairs later.
    2. Seal Leaks. Don’t let drafty cold air in or your warm air out, seal any leaks that doors and windows may have with insulating strips and caulk.
    3. Block or seal fireplaces. If you use your fireplace, make sure the sealing on it is still good. Have a dormant fireplace? Be sure to block it correctly, so that you aren’t letting your cozy warm air escape.
    4. Clean and store or cover outdoor furniture. Clean furniture and wash cushions and fabrics, but be sure to store them completely dry, otherwise you can run into mildew and/or mold problems. Then, store or simply cover furniture depending on the type.
    5. Turn off the outdoor water line.Turn on and empty the outdoor water faucets and cover them when finished. Empty hoses, let them dry completely and store them in doors. Lastly, make sure your in-ground sprinkler system is emptied and shut off.
    6. Clean the gutters. Remove debris early so that it doesn’t freeze and damage your gutter system.
    7. Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The holidays can mean more cooking and the use of cooking equipment which has the potential to leak or be left on.

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