How to Volunteer Virtually

For those who are willing and able to give back, volunteering for various good causes can be a rewarding and even life-changing experience. While the idea of volunteering conjures images of outdoor activities and large crowds, it’s just as easy and effective to give back from the comfort of your own home. Virtual volunteering can be a great way to aid those in need while still maintaining necessary social distancing.

Make donations

Donating various things is an easy way to give back. Donations can take many forms, ranging from physical items and money to your personal time. With many families currently struggling to care for their children, donations of necessary amenities like diapers, tissues, clothing and face masks are always welcome. Old toys and books can also be mailed or dropped off and sent to those in need. You can also volunteer your time speaking on crisis hotlines and even teaching skills to eager learners.

Aid at-risk individuals

In times of crisis, providing aid to at-risk groups like children, the sick, the elderly and those with mental disabilities is more important than ever. While donating money to charities is an easy way to help, there are other significant ways that you can volunteer your time to help such individuals. As previously mentioned, crisis hotlines and online therapy groups are a great way to give your time to those who need someone to listen. Sending food to hospitals, homeless shelters and food pantries can also make a big difference.

Apply your skills

When looking for volunteer work, tapping into your own skill set can often lead to exciting opportunities. With so many people currently looking to occupy their time at home, passing on your skills via online teaching and conferencing platforms can be a great way to give back. If you have as specific skill or perform a specific job, you can share your know-how and spread your knowledge to those who are interested.

Be creative

Using your creative energies to give back is a great way to volunteer from home. In addition to teaching your creative skills to others virtually, you can create signs, sew blankets and scarves for the homeless, write newsletters and blogs, translate important information into other languages, cook or bake food for those in need and much, much more. Creativity inspires positivity, and positivity is an excellent thing to spread during hard times.

Perform simple acts of kindness

Beyond donations, skill sharing and creativity, simply doing something nice for someone else can make a world of difference. Leave a note for health workers and frontline heroes thanking them for their services, or send them gift cards or homemade gifts. Order takeout from a local restaurant and leave your delivery person a nice tip. Make sure you check up on the people in your life and ask them how they’re doing. Whenever someone performs a service for you, tell them how much you appreciate them. Even a seemingly simple act of kindness can go a long way.

With these helpful tips at your disposal, you’ll be well equipped to help those in need without ever having to leave your home.

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