How to Handle a Homeowner’s Claim Through

When your home is damaged from extreme weather or catastrophe, your first priority is how to get things fixed and back to normal. In the beginning, it’s a process of working with your Homeowner’s Insurance company and contractors to get repairs underway. However, there is one step that isn’t typically on your to do list, but it should be – contacting your mortgage lender.

Since you have a mortgage on your home, both you and the mortgage investor who loaned you the money, own your home. They are just as interested in making sure repairs are completed as you are and they will be an important part of the claims process.

Once you receive a check from the insurance company, it will be made paid to the order of both you and your mortgage lender which means to receive funds, you’ll need to work with them to ensure you can pay your contractor. Here’s what you need to work through with your mortgage lender to make sure you can make repairs efficiently.

Once you’ve turned your claim into the homeowners insurance company, contact your mortgage company for a claims packet. This can be found on our website under the “Insurance Services” section on the right-hand menu. This information will guide you through what is needed to ensure you receive funds for your contractor pronto.

Within the claims packet, you will find various forms and learn how the mortgage company will oversee the repairs and release the insurance funds. As part of this package, you’ll be asked to submit important documentation to receive disbursements to begin the work on your home. These are required documents that must all be submitted for a release of funds. Go through the checklist to make sure you didn’t miss anything to avoid delays. We have a special department that handles all of this:

Property Loss Department

Overnight address: 827 West Grove Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210-4931

Phone: 833-811-3069

Fax: 833-811-3070


The Property Loss Department is your information center for all claims. Contact them with any questions or concerns and you will be well on your way to a repaired home that is as good as new.

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