How to Find That Perfect Summer Job

Many students and young adults consider summer to be a time for rest and relaxation. However, numerous young professionals in high school, college and beyond recognize the opportunities available during the summer months. If you’re looking for a seasonal career opportunity this year, consider the following tips to help you find that perfect summer job.

Know your skills

According to Rebecca Kern of U.S. News, the most important step of any job hunt is recognizing your own skill set. If you can’t convey the benefits you would bring to an employer, chances are slim said employee will consider you for a position. Examine your line of study and your past employment to determine what you have learned over the course of your career. This will help you narrow down your skills so you can create a concise, yet complete list of your expertise.

Create a resume

Once you’ve determined your skills, you’ll need to figure out how to display them on your resume. Employers will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes during the summer hiring season, so you’ll have to find a way to make yours stand out. For inspiration, Kern suggests checking out professional job sites like LinkedIn for examples of outstanding resumes.

Find jobs that match your skill

With a completed resume, you’ll want to determine what kinds of jobs are looking for potential employees with your particular set of skills. Finding a place of employment that best utilizes your skills will help you hone those skills even further while employed. That, in turn, will give you even more experience for any future job searches.

Start looking for jobs early

Many young adults make the mistake of waiting until summer has begun to start looking for a job. Farnoosh Torabi of CBS MoneyWatch warns that doing so might cause you to lose out on opportunities. Some of the best summer jobs are already filled by the time the season officially starts. Start sending out your resume early to take advantage of your ideal job prospects before other potential employees seize them.

Utilize networking

The job hunting process can be fraught with uncertainty. Because of this, Alison Doyle of The Balance suggests young professionals turn to networking to get in touch with potential employers. Universities and high schools typically have rather extensive networks of alumni that students can reach out to. It also might be prudent to reach out to friends and family to help with your networking efforts.

Consider online jobs

Many young adults and teens looking for summer jobs don’t live in areas with a lot of opportunities. Online employment is a viable alternative for these job seekers. Kern says more jobs than ever are moving to the online sector. Furthermore, online employment often allows students and young professionals to use their skills and reach out to customers that they normally wouldn’t be able to reach in the cities and towns where they live.

Ace your interview

While obtaining an interview is often regarded as the most difficult part of securing a job, the interview itself can sometimes be just as difficult, and certainly more than a little nerve-wracking. Fortunately there are some strategies that will help you ace your interview. Kern states that many interviewers will decide whether they want to hire someone or not during the first few moments of a job interview, so it’s important to make a good first impression. You should be both confident and enthusiastic about the job while still maintaining an authentic demeanor throughout the interview.

Finding a great summer job is certainly no simple task. Keeping these tips and methods in mind should help alleviate some of the stress while searching for summertime employment.


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