How to Celebrate Mother’s Day on a Budget

In an ideal world, you would have unlimited funds to spend on celebrating Mother’s Day; however, most of us operate on a tight budget. Even though your funds might be limited, the love, fun and joy of Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be, especially with the following tips on how to make Mom’s day special on a budget.

Breakfast in bed

Moms should be treated like queens on Mother’s Day, and since cooking is never on a royal’s to-do list, why not remind her that she is queen for the day with breakfast in bed? Breakfast can be as simple or as complicated as your cooking skills allow. Feature her favorite morning treats along with a simple rose or her favorite flower and Mother’s Day will be off to a lovely start.

Crafty sentiments

Since Mother’s Day is an ideal time to reminisce and celebrate wonderful family moments, writer Mallory Hall recommends crafting a memory journal.

“Ask everyone in the family to write down their favorite [memories] in a journal. It can be serious or silly, whatever you choose, and you can continue to add to the memory journal when the next Mother’s Day rolls around,” writes Hall.

Expressing love in the form of a poem, card or song is a heartwarming way to make the day unforgettable, says senior editor Deborah Bennett.

Picture perfect

Most moms can never have too many photos of their beautiful family. That’s why writer Erin Huffstetler suggests finding a great picture of the gang and blowing it up for a frameable masterpiece.

Chores galore

The dreaded chore list never seems to end, and in most households, it’s Mom who does the bulk of the work. Show your mom some love by tackling some of her to-dos on Mother’s Day.

“Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars at an auto detailer, gather up a bucket, a sponge and some soap to give the family car a bath,” Hall suggests. “Fill up her gas tank, vacuum the inside and use glass cleaner on the windows and windshield.”

If you’d prefer not to be on car-duty, how about the laundry, vacuuming, dusting or everyone’s favorite – cleaning the bathroom? You can also surprise your mom by completing a much-overdue home improvement project such as painting the living room, cleaning up the garden or organizing the basement or garage.

Twist on a classic

You can’t go wrong with flowers on Mother’s Day, but instead of opting for a fresh-cut bouquet, Huffstetler recommends you choose a flowering plant that will complement Mom’s garden. Offer to plant her gift yourself, or spend some time working together to beautify her landscape.

DIY spa

A day at the spa can be costly, so Hall suggests whipping up some beauty treatments yourself for a DIY spa experience sure to make your mom smile.

“The Internet is loaded with some incredible recipes that are pretty easy to make, including fancy pantry soaps, peppermint foot scrubs and homemade lip glosses. Find decorative jars and containers to hold the products, and complete the look with twine and attractive labels,” advises Hall.

Extra ZZZs

Being a mom is literally exhausting, so Hall recommends giving yours the gift of sleep by taking over childcare responsibilities so she can have a well-deserved snooze.

Remember this old adage rings true, especially on Mother’s Day: It’s the thought that counts.


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