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Is direct mail successful at bringing in business

Is direct mail effective at bringing in new business?

As your small business continues to grow, you may be exploring ways to increase public awareness of the products you offer. Word of mouth can be a strong tool; however, developing more of a marketing campaign may help you branch out.

One tactic still used by many businesses is direct mailers. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, “Direct mail can be an effective part of any marketing campaign. Yes, email, Facebook and even Twitter work for some small businesses, but that doesn’t mean tried and true methods like direct mail should go by the wayside.”

Consider these pros and cons to direct mailers to decide if they may be beneficial for your business.

The United States Postal Service states, “Even in a digital world, many people look forward to receiving their daily mail, and sort through it immediately the day it’s delivered. It’s a powerful medium that can reach people nationwide.” Some of the benefits of direct mailers include:

  • Targeting your audience. Direct mail can be focused on a smaller group of potential customers who may be more likely to take advantage of your offer.
  • Reaching your customers on a personal level. Through direct mail, you are able to address your customers individually, by name, and appeal to whatever their interests may be. Customers who feel that they are better understood are more likely to respond.
  • Giving your customers something to hold on to. Direct mail is something your customers can physically hold, allowing them the opportunity to react.
  • Not breaking the bank. Direct mail doesn’t have to be expensive. With the help of a standard computer, desktop publishing software and a little common sense, you have the necessary tools to create your own effective mail piece.

However, every positive has a negative. Rick Suttle of says, “Despite the effort that goes into designing and writing a direct mail package, 44 percent of all mail recipients throw away their ‘junk mail’ without reading it. … Furthermore, only 1 percent or 2 percent of all recipients respond to any direct mail offer, whether they are ordering or asking for additional information.”

It’s important when creating a direct mail piece to make sure that it is not only eye-catching and convincing but also going to the right target audience. Consider what kind of business you’re running and determine if your product is something your customers would likely respond to were they to receive direct mail for it.

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