Green Ways to Travel

You go to work, you go to the movies, you go to a museum, you go to a foreign country…and traveling is how you get there. Traveling can bring you so much —  knowledge, sociability — unfortunately, it is also one of the most basic ways you increase your carbon footprint.

green-travelVehicles give off countless greenhouse gasses, while planes emit millions of tons of carbon dioxide each year. But there are plenty of ways to be more environmentally-friendly while still getting where you need and want to go.

Mass transit

Local transport is available in many large cities. Reliable subway and bus services take loads of people to numerous destinations in a safe and timely manner, and they are much cheaper and better for the environment than taxis. Just think of them as carpooling with your friends that you haven’t met yet. Speaking of carpooling, sharing a ride with friends in the easiest way to go green while you travel somewhere.

Biking or walking

For local travel, using your body to get where you want to go is not only eco-friendly, but is also great for your health. Riding your bike, walking or even in-line skating can improve your carbon footprint and your exercise levels. Stretching your legs and using your muscles also allow you to take different routes than you typically would when using a car or mass transit. You can explore the city and stumble upon hidden gems that you may never have found otherwise.

green-travel2Additionally, many large cities are coming out with bike sharing services for individuals to utilize bicycles if you don’t have your own.


For trips to destinations a bit further away, trains are a great option. Often overlooked in favor of planes, they too can take you efficiently across countries or continents. Furthermore, you get to enjoy a lot better scenery from a train car. Sure, the clouds at 30,000 feet are beautiful but so is the countryside of Montana or Italy. Anywhere you go, you get to see some picturesque scenes you didn’t even know existed.

Hybrid cars

Whether you are traveling near or far, the common consensus is that cars are often the easiest, most cost-effective and fun way to travel. Consider driving a hybrid or electric car to save money on gasoline and save time on making fuel stops. For far-away destinations, many rental car companies are maintaining a fleet of hybrids specifically because the demand is increasing exponentially these days when going green is so popular.

Now that you have been more thoughtful about our planet while getting to your destination, think of all the ways you can go green while at your stop. There are countless options for eco-friendly eating, lodging, etc., while on the go, you just have to be creative. Remember to use your mind to be kind to the environment.


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