Gadgets that Make Life Easier in the Kitchen

If you need a hand (or a few) in the kitchen, pick up or order one of these online todayDon’t you wish someone would invent something to make meal prep easier or help with a list of cooking tasks? There’s good news: There really are inventions available — ones that can make a huge difference when creating culinary masterpieces.

If you need a hand (or a few) in the kitchen, pick up or order one of these online today:

Egg yolk separator – Have a recipe that involves just the egg white or yolk? Sometimes separating the two can be complicated, but with this gadget, you’ll be able to divide them nary a mess or stress. Just crack your egg into a bowl like you normally would, and then use this device to suction up the yolk. It’s that simple. Buy it here:

Strawberry stem remover – If you’ve ever fallen victim to removing too much of the strawberry when attempting to hull the stem, here’s a product that cores just the right amount every time: The Stem Gem. It’s as simple as can be to use — just insert the device into the strawberry, twist, and remove. Buy it here: 

Veggie brush – Cleaning veggies can be a pain, but not with a 2-in-1 veggie brush. This smart scrubber has two types of bristles: Hard ones to clean vegetables with tougher skins, such as potatoes or carrots, and soft bristles, for more delicate veggies, such as mushrooms or asparagus. Buy it here:

Robotic vacuums – Sick of cleaning the kitchen floor? (Who isn’t?) Let a Roomba, or a handy cleaning “robot,” do the work for you. These battery-operated devices works independently to clean dirty kitchen tile or hardwood floors or lift up crumbs and hair from carpets. And that means you can sit back and relax — or even get to doing other chores — while this handy machine takes the floors off your plate. Buy it here:

Easy-release ice cube tray – Ever find yourself banging the tray against the counter to get the ice out of the tray? With this innovation, a built-in release lever works to make getting the ice out, and cooling down a drink, even easier. Buy it here:

Portable book holder – If you’re always using cookbooks for recipes, you know it’s not easy to cook and read at the same time. A portable book holder can adjust to any size and is able to accommodate any sized book, from a mini paperback cookbook to larger hardbacks. There are even book holders that come with a long, telescoping stand so that reading and cooking becomes even more convenient. Buy it here:

All you have to do is pour the batter in and squeeze the dough onto the baking sheet or pan.Cookie press – Love to bake cookies? Getting them the same size can be tough, but not with this simple dough dispenser. All you have to do is pour the batter in and squeeze the dough onto the baking sheet or pan. You’ll have consistent, same-sized treats each time. Buy it here: 

Corn stripper – It’s the easiest way to shuck strips of corn kernels off its cob super quickly. It speedily strips cooked or uncooked ears of corn and traps the kernels in a handy container that you can empty through a hole on the top. Buy it here:

Lid opener – There’s nothing more frustrating than struggling to open a seal or lid in the midst of cooking. To the rescue: This 6-in-1 loosener, which will help you open six different types of seals and lids: bags, safety seals, pulltabs, bottle caps, bottle tops and jar lids. Buy it here:


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