Fun Ways to Make Money in Retirement

There’s an old saying that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. With retirement on the horizon, you’ve already put in your lifetime of work and find yourself ready to kick back and do what you love for the rest of your days. If what you love to do presents a way to turn a profit and supplement your income in retirement, all the better. In today’s gig economy, it’s easier than ever to turn hobbies into money-making endeavors without ever feeling like you’re back on the job.

Become a career coach

If you truly loved what you did in your career and want to give back, The Muse lets you build up a new generation of leaders and young professionals by becoming a career coach. The platform presents you and your expertise to a network of 5 million professionals, letting them book you as a coach for a fee and allowing you to accept gigs at your own pace. If you establish yourself as a venerable veteran, you’ll soon find yourself making a nice chunk of change just for passing along knowledge gained over years of hard work.

Rent out your home

Airbnb lets you share your space with guests, letting you live out your dream of running your own personal bed and breakfast. Through Airbnb, travelers can rent rooms or even your entire home for periods of time at a price you determine to be fair. The better experience you offer your guests, the more attention you’re likely to attract. Turning your home into an Airbnb is particularly advantageous if you live in or adjacent to a major tourist destination, and especially so if you own multiple homes.

Watch some pets

There are few pleasures simpler and more rewarding than spending time cuddling up with dogs and cats. Websites like Rover and Petsitter make it so that you can get paid for the privilege by offering your services as a pet-sitter or dog-walker. According to Money contributor Luisa Zhou, you can earn up to $1,000 a month just for looking after other people’s pets.

Drive people around

If you enjoy driving around aimlessly, put your mileage to good use by becoming a driver for services like Lyft and Uber. Becoming a Lyft or Uber driver is both a great way to learn more about your new or old city and share your knowledge with visitors. It’s also a great way to supplement your income, particularly if you gain a reputation for maintaining a clean vehicle and being helpful and friendly.

Sell your crafty treasures and clean out your closet

If you’ve got a flair for the creative, whether it’s crafting fine jewelry or creating knick-knacks, you can put your talents up for display — and purchase — at Etsy, a marketplace ideal for selling handmade goods and vintage treasures alike. If you’re paring down your collections and want to make some good money from it, Amazon and eBay offer the ability to list certain items for free with just a small percentage of the final selling price going back to the company. And if your wardrobe in particular has the potential to turn a pretty penny, turn to Poshmark and sell your clothing.

Retirement means never having to work another day, but it doesn’t mean you have to go without additional income. By flexing your creativity, sharing your knowledge or enjoying the company of some friendly pets, you can supplement your income in retirement and truly make the most of your golden years.

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