Fun Souvenirs That Aren’t T-Shirts

While traveling, you create beautiful memories of new places and new experiences. While memories are invaluable, sometimes it can be nice to have a physical memento to remind you of your favorite places. Instead of picking up the overdone “I Heart Insert-State-Here” t-shirt, consider taking home one of these fun souvenir options.


Picking up a local newspaper is a great way to capture the essence of your travels. Not only will the newspaper reflect where you were, but it will capture when you were there and what was happening in the world at the time. Consider picking up a local city newspaper as well as a national newspaper on each of your trips.


If you’re a person who wears jewelry, there are plenty of places to pick up location-specific jewelry pieces. Necklaces in souvenir shops often have the names or pictures of famous places in the area. If you’re not a necklace person, you can opt for alternatives like bracelets, rings or even earrings.

Baseball caps

Almost every baseball cap on the market has a logo or design of some kind. At each of your adventure’s destinations, consider picking up a baseball cap depicting something memorable from your trip. The cap can be simple, just displaying the city and state, or it can have artwork representing your favorite artifact or attraction you saw along the way.

Shot glasses

Whether you’re passing through the airport or visiting a museum in a new town, gift shops almost always carry shot glasses etched with designs of a local attraction. Shot glasses are small and easy to transport. While they’re usually made of glass, they take up minimal space, so you can wrap them in a t-shirt and fit them in your bag without any problems. Plus, they usually come with a low price tag, so you won’t have to empty your wallet to buy a couple for your friends.

Framed photos

Photos of your trips can be the best souvenirs out there, and you won’t have to carry anything extra home in your suitcase. Take pictures along the way and, when you get home, have your photos printed and framed. You can give them as gifts to loved ones or keep them for yourself as a reminder of your adventures.

Christmas ornaments

You don’t have to limit your Christmas shopping to November and December. Instead, pick up a Christmas ornament in each new location you visit throughout the year. Each ornament will have a memory associated with it, so when Christmas does roll around, you’ll be able to reflect on the year and all of the fun times you had as you decorate the tree.

There’s no better way to memorialize your trip than to bring home a souvenir. Next time you’re on the move, keep an eye out for some of these unique items to help you remember your trip.


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