Easy-to-Learn Crafts

There’s nothing like creating art to help you relax and unwind after a particularly long day, or maybe you’re just in the mood for a new project to spruce up your home. If you love making crafts but don’t know where to begin, here are four do-it-yourself art ideas that you can be proud of once you’re finished.

Recycled plastic bottle crafts

If you have a lot of plastic bottles around the house, collect them to make some environmentally friendly crafts. BoredPanda.com has several ideas about how to reuse this plastic. You can cut the bottoms off and tie them together to create a chandelier or a lamp. To go even greener, cut out designs on the bottle while keeping the bottom intact to make a planter. Get creative and cut ears out and paint a bear or a rabbit on the bottle to hold your plants, or attach eyes and a nose to make a Rudolph planter for the holiday season.

Polka dot wine bottle vases

For those whose beverage taste is more refined, turn your empty wine bottles into polka dot wine bottle vases. This is a simple project CraftsbyAmanda.com suggests could be perfect for a fun craft night. First remove the labels by soaking the bottle in hot water. Let it dry before applying several layers of white chalk paint to completely cover the bottle. To add the dots in any color, stack two mini marshmallows on a toothpick to create a consistent circle stamp. Place some flowers in your finished polka dot wine bottle vases to brighten up any room.

Hula hoop wreath

For the perfect springtime craft, Craftsbyamanda.com explains how to make a hula hoop wreath complete with cherry blossoms. All you need to do is spray paint a plain hula-hoop pink and let it dry before you start garnishing it with spring garland. Wrap the bottom third of the hula-hoop tightly with the garland, securing the ends with green floral tape. To complete your wreath, tuck the cherry blossom flowers into the garland. Now you’re ready to display this cheerful decoration above the mantle or on the wall. This craft is easily customizable for any season or color scheme, as you can pick whatever color paint and flower you desire to make it fit the aesthetic you’re going for.

Monogrammed string art

Make your walls pop with monogrammed string art. There are many variations of monogrammed string art to make this process easy. HGTV.com recommends using a precut wood plaque, a letter template, acrylic craft paint, nails and string. However, a board such as plywood or plastic foam would work, along with any design, type of paint and even sewing pins instead of nails. After you paint the wood plaque with whatever color paint you choose, hammer the template to the plaque with nails half an inch apart around the outer edges and the letter. Once you take the template off, start wrapping the string around the nails, avoiding any negative spaces, and define the letter by covering the surface with plenty of string. Tie it nice and tight so it doesn’t unravel, and then you’re ready to hang this visual artwork on your wall.

With only a couple cheap supplies, some of which are already lying around your house waiting to be reused, you can create some beautiful pieces of artwork to add visual appeal to your house.


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