Create a Workplace for All Ages

Baby boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials all seem to come from different planets. Members of each generation each have varying values, beliefs, mentalities and goals in the workplace. This can lead to some challenging division among employees, and in some cases even resentment. How can you make the workforce a level playing field? Here are some tips for creating a strong and collaborative team environment.

Make flexible policies

Obviously, each person’s needs differ from one another, and your policies should reflect that. No solution is one-size-fits-all, but oftentimes, there are ways to get around that. Consider the advice written on the website of Corovan, a workplace and facilities management company, offering that there are ways to address varying concerns universally:

group-work-web“Take Millennials’ need for growth in a company or positive feedback — all employees can benefit from this,” it said. “If you implement a regular review policy where you let your employees know that you recognize their strengths and weaknesses, this tells your employees that you are paying attention.”

Promote from within

Internal promotions are the best way to prove that there is equal opportunity for growth within your company. When a job opportunity arises, first look at everyone already on staff and see if anybody would be a good fit for the open position.

“It shows other employees that if they work hard, their hard work will be recognized,” the Corovan website read. Public acclaim is something that doesn’t go unnoticed by people of any generation.

Pay attention to office space

The way your office is set up needs to foster collaboration rather than separation. Being holed up in separate cubicles within their niche departments only cultivates isolation. Consider more modern layouts — circular, for example — provide common workspaces to cultivate collaboration and choose furniture that is both movable and multipurpose to encourage employees to spend more time together.

Spread the wealth

Lately, the media has been focusing on millennials as a group and how different this large portion of the population is from others. This may be true, but they are not the only ones who deserve attention. Yes, their innovative outlooks could be an asset to your company, but don’t discount people of the older generations. They have valuable experience that could be vital to your business as well. Aim for diversity so your workplace has a healthy mix of perspectives and no one feels alienated.

Creating a workplace that is suitable for all ages will make for a more productive and cohesive place of business. By recognizing, but not minimalizing, differences between generations, hiring internally, maximizing your workspace and valuing everyone’s experiences, your workspace will promote teamwork and efficiency.


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