Celebrating National Homeownership Month – 2019

June marks National Homeownership Month, a time when we celebrate the many benefits of owning a home and what that brings to families, neighborhoods and communities across the country.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Colonial was founded by Jimmy DuBose in 1952 after returning from World War II and earning a degree in Business from the University of Texas. Then known as Fort Worth Mortgage, the company provided residential home loans to growing post-World War II communities of North Central Texas.

While Colonial now offers home loans in all 50 states and provides Mortgage Services to more than 150,000 customers across the country, we still hold true to Jimmy’s vision of helping our friends and neighbors achieve their dream of homeownership.

Although Colonial firmly believes that it is our duty each and every month to advocate for and acknowledge the numerous benefits of homeownership, we are very excited to do so during National Homeownership Month.

Home Buying Workshops

Colonial’s team of talented Loan Officers are very active in their local communities and take pride in helping guide their customers through every step of the home buying process. While you can count on a Colonial Loan Officer to attend home buyer events or give presentations to Realtors or potential homeowners on practically a weekly basis, we wanted to highlight a few from the month of June.

Ellen Hakala, Loan Officer – Lewisville, held a free seminar entitled “How to Buy a House: What Do You Need to Qualify for a Mortgage” at the Lewisville Public Library. She drew interest from a number of potential first-time homebuyers who didn’t know the steps to take to prepare to buy a home.

Colonial served as a booth sponsor at the City of Fort Worth’s 16th annual Housing Summit. The annual summit is free to the public and features a number of home buying workshops including Home Buying 101, Down Payment Assistance and Obtaining a Mortgage Loan.

Those in attendance were Jennifer Babadilla, Loan Officer – Fort Worth West, Steve Ceretto, Loan Officer – Fort Worth Metro and Armando Velazquez, Branch Manager – Fort Worth West. More than 300 attended the summit, gaining valuable knowledge for when they are ready to purchase a home.

Monica Diazdeleon, Loan Officer – Arlington will hold a home buying seminar on Saturday, June 29 in Fort Worth, Texas. Monica, who is bilingual in Spanish and English, frequently works with first-time homebuyers, assisting them in down payment assistance and grant programs offered in their area.

Third Annual June Social Media Campaign

Throughout the month of June, Colonial has been active across our social media channels with our third annual National Homeownership Month series. Each week, we have highlighted a number of benefits of owning a home including the ability to customize your home, build equity, how to prepare to buy a home, save for a down payment, learn what to expect from your Loan Officer and why more and more customers are choosing to Go Colonial! You can follow Colonial on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Transparency and Education in Home Buying

Colonial believes that providing transparency and education to customers about the home loan process is of the utmost importance. That’s why our Home Loan Portal is broken down into four sections – Buying Your First Home, Buying Your Next Home, Refinancing Your Home and Building Your Home.

Each section was created to help home buyers quickly find the information they need, while also providing links to Helpful Resources and Calculators, videos including Low Down Payment Options, What to Expect When Buying a Home and Apply for a Home Loan – Anywhere, Anytime – With Colonial, and other important information so customers can feel confident when Applying for a Home Loan.

Happy National Homeownership Month to all of our wonderful current and future customers! We look forward to helping you or your friends and loved ones with all of your home buying and refinancing needs now and in the future.

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