Car Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Spring

Winter might not be over yet, but it’s never too soon to start prepping your vehicle for spring travel. Here are six steps to follow to ensure that your auto is spotless and tidy for a new season of driving.

Remove winter tires

If your vehicle has winter tires, now is the perfect time to swap them for all-season tires. Though winter tires are great at providing extra grip in slushy or icy driving conditions, if you keep them on when the weather turns warm and humid, the unique compounds in the rubber can become damaged.

Wash the exterior

Whether you prefer to hand-wash your vehicle or take it to an automatic car wash nearby, it’s important to wash the outside of your ride. Don’t forget to scour the undercarriage as well, to remove accumulated road salt and grime from winter drives. If you wash it by hand, use a car jack to lift the vehicle up a bit higher, then use a hose or power washer to blast away any built-up substances. If you take it through a car wash, select the undercarriage power wash that most car washes offer for an additional charge.

Clean the floor mats

Remove floor mats to give them a thorough cleaning. For synthetic rubber ones, simply scrub them with some soap, then rinse them with a hose or power washer. For carpeted floor mats, shake them out and go over them with a steam cleaner; if you don’t own one, you can usually rent one at a low cost from your local home improvement store.

Vacuum the upholstery

It’s easy to neglect vacuuming your vehicle’s interior during the chillier winter months. But when spring draws near, it’s the perfect time to re-establish a tidy cabin so you’re ready for warm-weather adventures. Make sure to vacuum the seats, floor and upholstered surfaces to eliminate crumbs, dirt and other debris.

Clear out the trunk

While snow shovels and ice scrapers are useful items to stow in your trunk in the winter, you’ll no longer need them when the season shifts. It’s also likely that other objects have been stashed in this area during the colder months. By cleaning out the trunk, you’ll have more space to store what you do need for spring travels and excursions.

Swap out emergency supplies

If you stow winter emergency gear in your vehicle, you’ll want to remove the items you don’t need and replenish what you’ll still need in warmer weather. For instance, take out the blankets and extra coats you might be keeping in the backseat or trunk. Restock any bottled water and nonperishable snacks, as well as flares if your supply is running low. It’s also a good idea to make sure your tire repair kit has all of the tools you’ll need if you break down in the spring.

By implementing these six steps, you’re well on your way to having a clean, organized vehicle when spring arrives. This way, you can focus on getting out and enjoying the milder weather and longer periods of daylight instead of spending time deep-cleaning and de-junking your ride.


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