Business Trip Packing Tips

Although traveling for work can be stressful, you can take the headache out of packing for your next professional trip by implementing these helpful packing strategies.

Avoid checked bags

Business Insider contributor Lydia Dallet recommends bringing just a carry-on bag to avoid the hassle of checked bags. Not only will you avoid checked bag fees, you can also avoid standing in long lines before you board the plane or afterward at the baggage claim. Saving time is a priority when traveling on business trips, so you can maximize your time with clients.

Pack toiletries the smart way

Make sure to pack toiletries according to Transportation Security Administration standards. All liquids and gels must be smaller than 3 fluid ounces and packed in a quart-sized plastic bag. The Balance Careers contributor Sue Kay recommends keeping this bag on an outside pocket of your suitcase to minimize hassle when passing through security points at the airport.

Pack in advance

If you frequently travel for work, it’s a great idea to keep a bag packed ahead of time, advises Travel Channel contributor Kayleigh Kulp. Pack a carry-on suitcase with basic clothing you’ll need, accessories and 3-fluid-ounce toiletries in a zip-close bag. She also suggests wearing bulky attire like jackets or blazers, to save luggage space.

Bring a large envelope

Any business traveler needs to keep receipts organized during the trip so you can submit them for a reimbursement check when you get back in office. Kay advises packing a 10-inch by 13-inch envelope to store all of your receipts. Mark the envelope with the date, as well as each expense amount and the reason for the expense. This will make it easier when you fill out an expense report on your return.

Bring backups

While it’s important to bring along travel documents, such as your driver’s license and passport, there’s always a chance that you might lose these important items somewhere in transit. Dallet suggests that you should store a high-resolution scan of important documents and credit cards on the hard drive of your computer or the SD card of your smartphone in a password secure folder. It’s a great security measure in case the originals get lost or stolen during the trip.

Go neutral

Opt for neutral colors of clothing when packing your suitcase, Dallet recommends. It will minimize how many shoes and matching accessories you need to pack. Black is one of the most popular choices for neutral attire, though brown, beige or navy can also work. Pack scarves or ties in different colors for a simple accessory to change up the look.

Business cards

The more work trips you take, the more business cards you’ll need. Before each trip, take some time to replenish your stock, as Kay advises. If someone within your company does the ordering for business cards, it’s particularly important to keep tabs on your business card count. Request a business card order well in advance of your travel date, to ensure that they’ll arrive before then.

Keep stress at bay when you’re preparing for your next business trip by applying these helpful packing principles.


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