5 Low-Maintenance Plants to Brighten up Your Home

Whether you’re spending more time at home than usual or just want to give your living room a bit more color, you can’t beat a few plants. Thankfully, there are lots of options that don’t require excessive attention, so you can enjoy their presence without putting in a ton of time or effort.

Most succulents

Succulents have long been the go-to plant for people who want to give their window sills a bit of personality but don’t feel like taking care of a flower like a pet. That’s because they easily adapt to dry, indoor environments and don’t need very much attention. In fact, the quickest way to kill a succulent is to give it too much water. Much like cactuses, these plants store fluids, so overhydrating them or allowing them to sit in standing water is a bad idea.

The other upside is that there are over 100 different varieties of succulents, ranging from ones that look like self-contained flower beds to ones that resemble meticulously crafted sculptures. Some even have fun nicknames like Bishop’s Hat, Curly Locks and Topsy Turvy.

Aloe Vera

You may recognize aloe vera as a natural sunburn remedy, but it’s also a very accessible household plant. Since it’s a variant of the succulent family, aloe plants don’t require frequent watering. However, it should be placed in a location with plenty of direct sunlight — such as a living room or kitchen window. The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests that you choose a terra cotta pot with at least one draining hole so excess water doesn’t begin to pool. And of course, the gel its leaves produce is every bit as soothing to burnt skin as the stuff you can buy at the supermarket.

Spider and snake plants

Despite their intimidating names, both snake and spider plants are ideal for apartment life as they don’t need tons of sunlight to thrive. The main difference between the two varieties is their appearance; spider plants consist of many thin green leaves that grow from the stem and droop over the side of the pot while snake plants have broader leaves that tend to sprout upwards rather than outwards. All they require is occasional watering — especially if you start to see the tips turn brown — and free-draining soil.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo — so named because of its supposed ability to bring you good luck — is both aesthetically pleasing and remarkably low-stress. Since it originated in rainforests, this plant thrives in direct but filtered sunlight like what comes through your home’s blinds. It’s also a breeze to keep alive, as you can place it in a vase of pebbles or stones rather than a pot of soil. You can even shape it to your preferences by allowing it to grow towards the light and then turning it when appropriate.


If you live in a place with limited access to direct natural light, ferns are a great way to spruce things up. In nature, they grow along the forest floor, so they’re perfectly suited to shady environments like a city apartment. Most variants do grow better in humidity, so consider placing them in a tray with some standing water or bringing them into a steamy bathroom every so often.

Plants can be a joy to have around your home, and these low-maintenance options offer all of the pleasure with almost none of the work.

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