3 Fall Date Ideas

If you are the romantic type, any season is an opportunity to show your special someone how much they mean to you. Fall is a particularly lovely time of year to head out for a memorable evening; the crisp, cool air and the vibrant colors of changing leaves make for an ideal romantic setting. If you’re seeking inspiration for the season, these date ideas should work like a charm.

Classic fall activities

Visiting pumpkin patches, going on hayrides and traipsing through corn mazes are likely among the many fond memories you’ll carry with you from autumns in your childhood. These nostalgic activities are also prime fodder for a romantic outing with your partner. There isn’t a much better way to spend a cool autumn day than by enjoying a fresh cup of hot apple cider from your local orchard or picking out a plump pumpkin at a nearby patch. You can carry the day’s enjoyment into the evening by preparing a meal using fresh produce procured during your trip and following up dinner with some old-fashioned pumpkin carving.

There’s the old chestnut of taking your date out to a scary movie on the chance that they’ll cuddle up close with you. For a more interactive take on that classic approach, Woman’s Day writers Jessica Leigh Mattern and Katina Beniaris recommend checking your local listings for activities of a more frightening nature. Haunted attractions and ghost tours are a booming industry, so you’re liable to find something nearby that will satisfy your craving for creepiness. If not, you can always pick up a classic monster movie at your local library and enjoy it together on the couch.

Get a bit of exercise

The pleasant autumn weather is an ideal atmosphere for heading out into the wilderness, and it’s especially agreeable if you like hiking or biking. Seek out a scenic path or trail system nearby, and pack a picnic basket with all the accoutrements. While you’re at it, make sure you have all the appropriate gear for an afternoon’s travels, including bug spray, flashlights and a travel charger for your phone. Break for lunch when you find a picture-perfect spot.

Camp out under the stars

Heading out for an evening under the stars is one of the single most romantic things you can do during the autumn. Whether you are venturing out to a state park or setting up a tent in your backyard, camping out in the autumn is a perfect opportunity for quiet conversation and reflection, allowing you and your significant other to take time out of your hectic schedules to slow things down a bit. If you want to stargaze, you could surprise your significant other with a new telescope, or you could go the more frugal route and download an app on your smartphone that helps you spot constellations.

There aren’t many wrong ways to celebrate your love and appreciation for the person who makes you feel more complete. If you both have a fondness for fall, whether it’s gazing at foliage or braving the narrow corridors of a haunted house, make sure you take full advantage of the season while it’s still around.


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