3 Creative Ideas for Your Vacation Photos

After taking a vacation, you return home with more photos than you know what to do with. If you’re looking for a new way to show these photos to your loved ones, try your hand at one of these creative ideas.

Make a photo map

Photo maps are great for not only displaying your pictures but also for visualizing where you’ve been and where you have left to visit. To create one, purchase a large map of the U.S., and print off one or two vacation photos for each state you’ve visited. Then, cut the photos into the shape of their corresponding states, and glue them onto the map. Hang the map on a wall and add another picture each time you visit a new state.

If you’d rather have a different map for each place you’ve traveled to, utilize maps of individual states or cities. Pin your photos onto the maps, and then place the maps in their own picture frames. If cutting out images and placing them carefully on maps seems like too much effort, opt instead to buy a cork bulletin board in the shape of the U.S. and pin photos in more general locations.

Create clothing items

Turning your beautiful pictures into clothing items is an easy way to add some fun and unique pieces to your wardrobe. Customize your footwear by incorporating your picture into the designs of different shoes online. Shirts and leggings may be more likely to draw the eye when they feature one of your photos. When choosing a picture for any of these clothing items, select one that focuses on nature or a city to have the most stylish look.

Tote bags look especially great when they come with your picture printed on one side. As an accessory, tote bags tend to look more natural with colorful or unusual designs than many clothing items. Plus, these bags are ideal for carrying your belongings during future vacations.

Design a display

If you’re accustomed to hanging your photos on the wall, continue to do so by using more creative means. Rather than putting up picture frames, utilize strings or twinkle lights on a blank wall, and attach images with clothespins. Another option is to place pictures on one of your interior doors. This works particularly well if your door has glass panes, which can act as built-in frames.

A shadowbox is also an aesthetically pleasing option that holds one or two snapshots along with small souvenirs like money, seashells or cutlery. To make the most of your photos as well as foreign coins from your trip, attach a magnet to each coin, and then tape the coins to your photos. Buy a magnetic whiteboard, hang it on the wall, and place the pictures around the board. When you’re ready to replace your pictures, simply remove them, and tape the coins to new photos.

No matter your vacation destination or your experience taking photos, these ideas can bring new life to your home and style to your outfits. Be sure to try them out after returning from your next trip.

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