2020 President’s Club Winners

Please join us in congratulating Colonial’s 2020 President’s Club Winners! Each year, Colonial Loan Officers who meet our sales goal in volume or total units are recognized for their hard work and contributions to the company. We also had a number of Loan Officers who reached “Inner Circle” status, meaning they met or exceeded at least twice the sales volume goal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an immense amount of uncertainty across the country and around the globe. Our most important focus was to continue to assist our customers in all of their home loan financing needs, from refinancing their current home to a lower interest rate, helping borrowers access their home’s equity, purchasing a new home and more. The dedication from our production teams to assist homeowners and homebuyers alike never wavered.

Their contributions to Colonial and the Mortgage Industry go well beyond loan volume. They are not only leaders at Colonial, but leaders in the communities they serve and in the industry as a whole. They care about their customers, as indicated by the number of referrals and recommendations they receive and the hundreds of five-star reviews that praise their efforts. They believe in the American Dream of homeownership and work hard to secure home loan financing for their customers, and truly embody an unofficial catch phrase that “Colonial helps turn houses into homes.”

2020 President’s Club Winners

  • Allin Nguyen *
  • Amanda Angha
  • Andrew Ashmore *
  • Angie Leehan *
  • Angie Vickerman
  • Bill Harrington
  • Bill Wills
  • Brenda Best
  • Brenda Spear
  • Chris Lauterbach
  • Colter Kruckeberg *
  • Dan Pasman *
  • Dana LaGrone
  • Daniel Berrier *
  • Doug Crimmins
  • Eric Contreras *
  • Greg Gardon *
  • Isela Moran *
  • James Miller *
  • Jim Ferrick
  • JoAnne Valdez *
  • John Farrell
  • John Jackson
  • John Minin
  • John Smith
  • Johnny Fobbs
  • Josh Jordan *
  • Justin Smith
  • Keith Kasmire
  • Marc Jalbert *
  • Marcela Williamson
  • Mark Breidenstein
  • Mark Crowley *
  • Mark Orr
  • Max Hedrick
  • Melissa Cruz *
  • Michael Carbone *
  • Nery Dornisch
  • Pat Goolsby
  • Randy Davis *
  • Randy Rorick
  • Reid Mitchell
  • Rick McLaughlin
  • Robert Sparks *
  • Ryan Snell
  • Scott Bakke
  • Scott Bickford
  • Sharnise McCollums
  • Steve Hewins
  • Sue Nash
  • Todd Cholevik
  • Vaneesa Cohen *
  • Yvette Harrod *
  • Zachary Millican
  • *Inner Circle

    Congratulations to all our 2020 President’s Club Winners!

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